Chomsky – Zionists responsible for the holocuast

Chomsky – The Fateful Triangle. 179-182

As for the wretched survivors of Hitler’s Holocaust
themselves, it is likely that many—perhaps most—would have
chosen to come to the United States had this opportunity
been offered, but the Zionist movement, including American
Zionists, preferred that they settle in a Jewish state , a story
being relived today with Jewish emigrants from the USSR.
After the war, tens of thousands of Jewish displaced persons
died in camps from miserable conditions and lack of care, and
congressional Displaced Persons (DP) legislation gave priority
not to Jews but to refugees from the Russian-occupied Baltic
states, many of them Nazi sympathizers, including even SS
troopers. There was little American Zionist support for
legislation intended to bring DPs to the U.S. in contrast to
massive support for resolutions calling for the establishment
of a Jewish state. Dinnerstein comments:

“Unspoken publicly, but in the air privately, was the Zionist
concern that fewer European Jews would resettle in Israel if
the possibility existed of getting to the United States.”

Jewish support for the legislation, which was extensive, was
from non-Zionist or anti-Zionist groups, overwhelmingly.
Some found this objectionable. Roosevelt’s adviser Morris
Ernst wrote in 1948 of his shock at the refusal of American
Jewish leaders to consider the possibility of giving “these
beaten people of Europe a choice,” instead of offering them
only the option of emigration to Palestine; the program he
advanced “would free us from the hypocrisy of closing our
own doors while making sanctimonious demands on the
Arabs,” he wrote, adding that he “was amazed and even felt
insulted when active Jewish leaders decried, sneered and
then attacked me as if I were a traitor” for suggesting that the
survivors of the Holocaust be permitted the choice of
emigrating to the United States.

The question remains a sensitive one, not surprisingly. In
1980 a private commission of prominent American Jews was
established, headed by former Supreme Court Justice Arthur
Goldberg, “to examine the behavior of Jewish organizations in
this country at the time of the Nazi campaign to annihilate
European Jews.” months later the commission had “split up
in anger and dissension,” with charges and countercharges as
to what had gone wrong. The commission’s main financial
backer alleged that “It became apparent that the vestiges of
the old establishment were fighting to protect its name.”
Goldberg, as well as research director Seymour Finger, denied
this charge, claiming that “the promised money wasn’t
forthcoming.” “Commission sources said that [established
Jewish groups] had objected to the panel’s examining such
painful questions as whether thousands, or tens of
thousands, of Jews could have been saved if American-Jewish
organizations had acted forcefully and applied pressures on
the Roosevelt Administration.” A draft report stated that it
was “incontrovertible” that “the Jewish leadership in America
at no stage decided to proclaim total mobilization for rescue.”
Established Zionist organizations, the draft report continued,
were “riveted to postwar plans” and the creation of a Jewish
state, so that the “energies of those American Jews who were
profoundly concerned were dissipated, when the ground was
burning under their feet.” One of the leading members of the
American Jewish community, Rabbi Stephen Wise, who was
also close to Roosevelt, opposed a congressional effort in
1943 to set up a commission “to effectuate the rescue of the
Jewish people of Europe” because the resolution failed to
include a provision demanding that the British open up
Palestine to Jews. The draft states:

What is certain is that the exclusive concentration on
Palestine as a solution, coupled with its intrinsic pessimism
as to other alternatives, distracted the Zionist movement as
well as large segments of American Jews from giving serious
attention to various rescue plans offered by the advocates
of separating rescue from political or ideological considerations.

These conclusions accord reasonably well with the scholarly
literature. Note that the mandate of the Goldberg
Commission did not extend to the question raised above: the
attitude of established Jewish organizations, particularly the
Zionist organizations, to Jewish immigration after Europe was
liberated, a question touched upon only obliquely in the
scholarly literature.

Whether there would have been a way to reconcile
competing claims and needs in the former Palestine is not
clear. By the time of the Second World War and the Nazi
Holocaust, the question had become academic, at least for
the large majority of the Zionist movement. In the spring of
1942, the American Zionist movement endorsed the idea of a
Jewish state (the “Biltmore program”) and in November, “the
creation of a Jewish state became the official goal of the
Zionist movement” under Ben-Gurion’s initiative. Prior to this,
the official position had been a commitment to some form of
“parity” between Jewish and Arab populations. This
commitment to Jewish statehood preceded the discovery of
firm information that the Nazi state was undertaking its Final
Solution, though its vicious anti-Semitism had long been


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