Why were the Jews “expelled”? Ha! Don’t change know? The dominant human culture always needs a scapegoat, that’s why. We need some one or something we can dominate, hurt even kill if necessary to justify our existence. It’s the nature of the beast and beasts we are without question. At least I do not deny it and since we have done it to each other since time immorial, it even loses any sense of right or wrong or good or bad. It is easiest to do it to those who are unlike you, so just hope and pray you are in the majority and/or have bether weapons tactics and leaders, but of course it’s the leaders who take us to these places in the first place and we follow like sheep. Why do you think religion uses the Shepard metaphor so much. I, am alone, using the mind God gave me . Since God Gave it to me, I can only assume God intended for me to use it. It is such a shame that the vast majority of humanity prefers to baaaa, in their ignorance, repeating the same mistakes over and over again, the only difference being scope and magnitude. It would be humorous if my life wasn’t in play, but the plier I get the more I see the grand ironic humor of it all, irrespective. 7 billion fools and growing. Sublime to say the least.



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